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Styles P - Enjoy the Atmosphere Lyrics

(feat. Chris Rivers & Tyler Woods)

Masters of sound mix in the building
Yeah, I wanna feel right now
Chill up as usual
Just enjoy the atmosphere, you know?

I used to touch you like a piano
Bitch, I’m with Jada Chris and.. Luciano
Used to push the Lexus, we’ll work up in a panel
At the door in the bumper… could you handle?
Take it all! I’mma pump her by the block
That was clicking, niggas, that was tripping
Sat ‘em down, told my niggas ain’t no … where you shouldn’t
Ain’t no shouldn’t where you’re sleeping,
Keep it quit, no speaking to you all
Leaving decent, trying to stay up by the…
Yeah, niggas know the circle (you know!)
Move rectangles and we still like purple, yeah
Loyalty is a virtue (loyalty)
I’m always on parole, get the humble for his curfew
Niggas wanna pop, you better merk them before they merk you!
Homie, you can plan to have a plan for you
Big cash to have a skin for you (pay me!)
We’re talking paper for every trip
In the Masseratti nigga to every whip
If the.. cause I am the bump (I’m the bump)
Ride alone! What are you have centerfold? (ride alone!)
With two guns in my … (two guns out!)
If you know to connect, then nigga ride a boat
Fuck the coast guard, I told you that the goal is hard
I’ll be in Dubai now, send the hood to coast guard!
Used to be indispensable, now I’m just expendable
Team full of niggas that shoot like the cameras do.
Like… Smith, yeah, both for the Hannibals
Small in the E shit, stay upon my… shit, nigga!

I’m just trying to live my life
Get this money and follow my dreams (my dreams)
In the city of do or die,
Me and my niggas ain’t playing no games (games)!
Now ain’t that ghetto for ya
Uh, I’m never gonna let go
I’ll be straight to the day that I die
I’m a hustler, baby!

….I’m beyond hip-hop’s new phenomenon
I’m confident to cast this on,
On the higher planes I drop the bombs.
Stumping on that competence
Rappers with my pajamas on
Knocking on the… of heroes and then go to…
Cause the nonsense, I guess they… the concept
That my flow is god sake
Compare my…contact
To when you pop a…
See, I drop the contest
I just got to conquest like how’s this kid now…
I guess in due time, I do shine, part of the nuclear few shine
Thinker faster than two months, you niggas don’t spark like neutrons.
I’m a proton (what?), I’m so gone, I’ll let you…
I’m disastrous, a catalyst for hip hop in the back and this immaculate
Rapping with will serve like …
I’ll bring you back to life, yeah
Plus our swag is too precise
I mean … excuse our average heights.
And excuse our sacrifice!
If you decide to grasp mic
After our previous we’re blasting like it was my… lights.
Do you sense my appetite?
Do you feel my hunger building?
If you’re trying to stop me now, I’ll be a kamikaze kill,
But you will never kill this skill, it is the skills that pay the bill
And if I’m thinking with that logic, all my bank accounts are filled.
And I will never be this still, my … starts over seas
I’m overly creative, like my vocal chords are ovaries.
Christians in the OGP, tighting up your…
You’re shooting at the stars,
Know your bullets can’t come close to this.

Baby (baby) baby (baby) I’m a hustler, baby!
Baby (baby) baby (baby) I’m a hustler, baby!
Baby (baby) baby (baby) I’m a hustler, baby!
Baby (baby) baby (baby) I’m a hustler, baby!

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