Nefew - Vintage Lyrics

feat. AWAR

Smoky mirrors made my focus clear
I see from the fog, it’s approaching near
You feel my presence like it’s a ghost in here
Far from local, this is for the global’s fear
I’m from the area you had to be doper than peers
And I’m the most potent with a flow in years
Industry setbacks never broke my spirit
I spit with conviction, I hope you hear it
So sincere, the whip I control and steer
Document my life for my focus clear
I show you the ropes like a veteran does
Hand from the sky touch the heavens above
Trend setter, my Uzi weighs a metric tone
Got a vendetta, it will get settled in blood
It’s a recession in the ghetto through slums
Till I’m out to get the precious metal from foreigns
The soul of a rebel like …
And I applaud the precious so I never succumb
Decide the weather wherever I perform
Human volcano, fire since I was born
I’ll melt your face and make the climate warm
Just put ice grill in the fucking eye of the storm
My rhyme is harder than a diamond’s core
I’m light years ahead of my time, I’m sure
Inspect my gems, you can’t find the flaws
Open my mouth, it’s like a lion’s roar
The underdog till you read the final score
Live from New York, hit man for hire, war

You think I’m fucking with you?
I am not fucking with you

I came to patch up the rap game like a first aid kit
I’m not afraid of competition ‘cause your burst ain’t shit
Put Nefew on a joint, that shit’s a perfect fit
I’ll knock your fucking lights out like it’s my birthday, bitch
Sweet bread, I’m hitting Fashion Week in my Timberlands
If you believer, well maker, you better think again
Rhyme sharper than a chainsaw face off
I make rappers sound like they all suffer from brain loss
I try to be the next Langston Hughes
They wouldn’t give me any credit but what else is new?
So fuck with me, I’m puffing espinozas in a Range Rover
Gone for the fucking throne until your reign’s over
I’m so dope you can’t cope with my flow so you choke
Are you broke but you know that you won’t stand a chance against me
The MC, he hand me a damn beat and they’ll see they can’t flee this stampede
A couple motherfuckers praying for my downfall
But they always stay low like a ground ball
But that shit never bother me, haters gonna hate, I laugh at ‘em like comedy

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