BOBBY CREEKWATER - Brand New Creek Lyrics

You know, upside down crown clique, motherfucker, yeah!
I know it’s different, you know
But shit, I’m good, I can adjust, man!
Here we go!

Riding in a car I’m supposed to drive
With a fine young lady who’s suppose to blow, aha
Rolling up the weed I’m supposed to roll
It’s the dictator bitch, you’re supposed to know!
No wolf gang cold like Kosovo
Cuffs links hard, bottoms in the gentleman’s…
Most of these MCs need a growing mind
But if the check is on beat then the hoes above, yeah!
Watch a¬Ö hell of interns
Wandering around with a title that they didn’t earn
Turned up on space, man you’re taking up space
Motherfucker probably never should have¬Ö
But don’t hate, get your money, my nigga!
Now you’re trying to be funny, my nigga
If the gun goes popping and the bullet comes out
Hear your dumb echo cry, outrunning my nigga?
For real? Man, let me chill!
Back when I was home and the phone used to flip
And the Chevy used to dip and my uncle used to drink
Grind heavy on the regular
The nigga never knew the meaning of word silk (bang)!
Go and take a trip!
Back to the A, back in the day when a nigga went pop, no sir!
Back to a time we wanna drive way
I’ve been… we’re great, bro!
Rumors don’t lie, the past don’t either
Now I’m… right up a caught tiger
King of the jungle, smart as a gumble
Looking for something quiet find it like a plumber
I don’t got a crew, we smoke like an assemble
I got a young diva, long hell like a puzzle
Peace in my heart, but I wheep like a sucker
Nigga, I don’t put it soft, feel it down when it stumble, gone!

[Outro:] (x2)
Here it go!
Also tight up to this shit, man
We gonna by off in this shit, man..
Upside down crown clique, man!

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