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BOBBY CREEKWATER - A Place I Used To Know Lyrics

Now from a place where never gets quiet
And if it ain’t for me, then it probably ain’t try it
And if it ain’t popular, then would probably won’t buy it
If they got a blur, then the package don’t lie it, for real!
Don’t get sold, the trap get hot
Kid gets cold and I don’t give a fuck
Could the pussy get old and they live up the streets
For the pussy get sold, I mean
Seem quiet vicious and may even seem fictitious
Like don’t pay the bill, do the dishes!
But this is quiet real, you know fishing rod
And I ain’t got a clue, so I’ll be like, listen God!
Gimmie a sign, gimmie a pen and some lines
Gimmie a lil more time, gimmie a level of success
That is far out of reach to ensure that the haters will stop trying!
And if you gonna swallow, I’m bang I mean it!
A nigga get money if it grind, I seen it
Probably wanna style on these hoes, waving
I’m still the one to get a record deal, slavering
Now I want it all, everything old
The pot that I piss in, everything gold
We’re good on this scene, everyone rules
And we will not suffer these fools, chose!
¬Öwolf gang, man of the hour
Hit a quick man, no cowards
Also to give no energy to anyone,
Cause they don’t exist, that’s power!
Shut up… that’s my brother
We’re gonna get money, word to my mothers
And we gonna do the most now, or we gonna get ghost
If you got that bread, I’mma need the whole loaf, yeah!
I don’t need talk, want some action
I feel like feel, so you can be¬Ö
Trying to get rich like anybody Jackson
Nigga pick one, yeah I’mma hit one, yeah
Back in this bitch and I’m going for the kill, yeah
This means war, nigga, hamburger hill
No wander I can fuck with this guy
Cause of that fact you’re stuck with this guy, here you go!
Nigga that’s fine, I don’t care!
And I don’t care what you got on, I don’t stop
And I don’t give a fuck who it is you’re here
Air Capitan on this ship, I’m still
I gotta meet Brandon, and I have no fear
You’re talking about none and I have no ill
Lost my friends, price of admission
Fuck that story, it’s my redemption
You gotta understand, won’t get insurance
Have been ¬Öalone with no pension
All the way thinking ¬Ö even make a couple real dollars
And this fucked up game is essential
¬Öis only is my future
That can make that junk so it’s only gonna be tension
..you can drag my name in the ground
But I promise you won’t get mentioned
You just get

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