Marc Goone - Meshuganah Lyrics

I don't eve know what this god
Simply saing
But promis i'mma say it
My mind it's on a planet
In the sky
Why i'm in love of Mary Jane
And I am ride high
Keeping on a play
Deeper in the game
Creeping in the fame
People, greading
Thinking I am a name
Seeing people beliving and needed a change
Sleeping in ....
Looking me go
Me and the young ...
With a day I start ro fuck
But i steel discover when they make love
Try to lead up it
Tell 'em to suck my dick
The temper that i split
...I swich
Whenever I wanna get high
I tell 'em to guid me
So high I swear
Just my ride I ...
There I go again I making up more words
I was want to say that
That represint all my song
Guess it's back in the days
It's kind of playbak
....white rapper finelly made it
Let's combin the ...
Because of my ...
I said I'm never ...
But I sell....
Try to...
Wanna be funny if I say I'm not jewish enough
You're not a real
You got doing your...
I think real cracker win
Broken to death but..
Hey ...because I tryto sing when I rap
Look at them no sugar in rap
Try t be put on the map
The fake rapper
Rapping circle around you
Favorite rapper

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