Kirko Bangz - Long Time Lyrics

I wrote this letter for my grandma and my auntie Mayne
I got some people that really love me above me mayne
Sometimes I think about my people and I drop a tear
To talk to yall I get this music shit up, I don’t care
I’m losing time, I’m losing minutes every night and day
Scared to pick up the phone ‘cause I think somebody gonna die today
My grandma called told me grandson, I’m doing bad
I’m doing good but that convo got me doing bad
I look at pictures around my crib, my brother, my sister
Hate their own life, doing yall so bad, wish I was still little
And I’mma lie if I say I ain’t wish I was still little
Them old folks tell yah man, ain’t nothing like life when you cheerin
I miss the times that my mama put a whooping on me
‘Cause I was punished but I snuck outside with all my homies
I miss them served sandwiches, that bread and that baloney
I miss not worryin bout who was my real homie
I miss riding my bike and pulling to that corner store
I bought two pieces but my pocket stole plenty more
I miss seeing mommy at work, I miss her walking home
Man I miss everything that I don’t get to see no more

It’s been a long time
It’s been a long time
It’s been a long time
It’s been a long time

My daddy, he got seven kids, my mama got three
Step daddy locked up, he probably doing 23
Man, he on lock, when it come to kids he got like 23
So every time them kids need something man they come to me
And I’m just really tryna train them for the real world
But I ain’t finished training myself for this real world
And I know all the attention that I be giving them girls
I should get it and remain, I cannot save the world
I know you can’t, but you can try, it’s what I tell myself
I know I’m short but short is where I never sell myself
I got Versace, all these diamonds, these Jordans and Nikes
And my little brother don’t wanna shit but some time and a bike
And I ain’t tryina make no broken promise like you
But I ain’t bought his bike yet, am I just like you
And this lil bitch she hit me up, ask me to take her out
It ain’t no question that I’mma pop up in something new
My other brothers in the streets they hitting leaks and shit
I say you tripping, he say I gotta pay the rent and shit
Plus I got a baby, other brother got a baby, other brother got a baby
My life’s too damn crazy

It’s been a long time
It’s been a long time
It’s been a long time
It’s been a long time

Thanks to Redwood512 for correcting these lyrics

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