BIG SEAN - Family Lyrics

I feel like everybody has a family
I mean everybody has relatives,
You may not have a dad or a mom or whatever but
You got something or someone you’re loyal to or who’s loyal to you
I always heard blood makes you related and loyalty makes you family
The people I’m around, from my homies, mentors, crew – that’s my family
They’re my motivation, they the reason that these late nights happen
One of the reasons it makes sense, one of the reasons being successful is so important to me
I feel like family doesn’t always mean you’re with each other
But the love is always with each other, that means when you come back that the love is still the same
Even stronger than the last time
You can say the craziest shit, the most hurtful things but the next day it’s like nothing happened
You have people in your life that will always be there, you can call on and who can call on you?
‘Cause it’s not just about having somebody, it’s about being that “somebody”, too
Hope in others, I personally get inspiration just from that feeling
‘Cause I know we live in a world based on karma
Doing the best you can do, watching it all come back
You can try and do it alone, do whatever you do by yourself
I ain’t saying you can’t get far in it, but when you come together, form a team
A unit, it can only go further, faster
I remember hitting my all-time low, depressed, stuff really just wasn’t working out
But if I could go back now and tell myself anything
It’s that nothing ever comes out of fear or negativity
You can’t expect the best if you’re not at your best or feel your best
That’s just the law of the world
But if you imagine how it feels to be doing everything you want, everything you dream
And you know and accept what’s coming, then pay attention to how that feels
Pay attention to how you feel then
Because when you know what you want is on the way, notice how much better you feel
That’s the first step to creating a world you want, you make your own limits
That was my family who taught me that
Certain people who stepped in and picked me up when I was down
Believed in me when it was hard to believe in myself
And I don’t wanna let them down
I was recording out of closets, basements, my manager Mike Brinks was sending me beats way back
Before any labels were interested, before anything
And just using his relationships he had to help break me through, help build my buzz
The people I was working with for cutting me deals let e record for free
I was getting so many breaks, the people who believed in me
Went above and beyond to help me make it all happen
And I would go above and beyond for them
Because that’s what family does for each other

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