Bonze Roc - No Brakes Lyrics

Blood gush, adrenaline rush, kush gust leak
Pedal to he fucking metal man I never push brakes
And I’m hotter than vulcano, write a memo, must sleep
I’ve been up for 4 days
All I see is tunnel vision
You get in that fucking vision,
All you see is gun spray,
All my niggas got dreads, like that nigga gunplay
See me floating through your city, flying down a one way
And I’m higher than a jet, think I need a run way
And I’m never coming down, all I see is sunrays
Cause I’m on top of the clouds, sittin on top of the planet like I’m jupiter
Shooting motherfucker like I’m cupider
Arnold Schwarzennegger, all I do is buck niggas
Put your name by your pussy cut, you a fuck nigga
And you never get cut
All I do is fuck bitches
I got 2 broads with my name tattered on they back side
Once stalk a bitch, she will never fucking act right
Met a european stripper, say she from miami
Look like one of hugh hefner’s broad, swear to god
I took her to the tellie, her english was bery sloppy
She knew 2 words though, daddy, molly
I taught her 2 more though, phones, rock
And when I think of her, I think I don’t a lot
Sometimes I zone think about, all of my wealth fights
Living like a rockstar, live a very wild life
I drive foreign car, my kids stay fresh
I’m without trying, to say the least, I’m blessed
One of god’s favorites, that’s why they saying fuck me
But they can’t do nothing with me, cause god got me covered
You don’t wanna shoot the fiend, I’m rice like a dance
I’m 6 foot 6 razor sharp with the hands
Your hoes talk about me on the load, they wanna fuck me
I’m always on her mind, and her friend fuckin love me
Since I’ve started meditating, I think I could read minds
For real, no kidding, I think I could read minds
One day I started reading bout the pine out gline
Ever since, if I told you, what I see, you think I’m lying
Feel I lived the last 10 years straight blind
But now my eyes open, so now I’m really focused
I see my enemies ambition, I see the true meaning of the spirit
And what its true intentions
I see vibe cause the vibe is vibration
I keep my vibe elevated on a high frequency
Low vibration equal bad situation
You create the bad habit, shit is all mathematic
You get what you want, what you got, you attract it
Believe it or not, your fuckin brain is a magnet
You think about it, you gonn bring that shit into existance
Believe it or not, for real, just think about it this way
Big named his last album life after death
And pac predicted his future in his own rap
This life is ironic, rap game satonic
It’s more than just us, in this world nigga trust
A man hear voices and you classify crazy
Cause you can’t hear what he hear, that shit amaze me
We only occupy this body for a small time
After this, different dimensions for some, different realms
This life is off body, universe is not stop
You should read before you think
You should think before you talk
For being an infinite potential in this dimension
Once you realize, who you trully are, you official
For now you an imbecil, period
Believe in the lie you been following the leader all your life
Afraid to step out of the box, and truly stand
So you hate, cause you fear what you don’t understand.

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