FYUTCH - Black Shades Lyrics

Got the strong, got the bount
Got the loud in value
You may coming down
I'm bumping space go ...
Purple goes in blue
Can wait 'till i go home
So i lay down in my Lixux
Smoke in all ocasions
Thanks thanks
I'm going down
But you can see
I'm so down
Hy there don't care respect the fate
So feel diferent with my saize on
With my blayze on
Step about the couze
'aint so sing with in my game with my seize on
I can see you lay in my black...
In a real Mrs. Flat top hey stand up
You can touch my hair unless you grop my nuts
Walk around the club
I see nobody
Leave all your friends...
What you know about it
Miss when i'm snept out
We got some time to play
Blood in my left and a but in my right hand
Hit it in the in the back stage
Oo so feel diferrent with my seize on
Get my blayze on
...smeel too strong
Yap in my black seize yap in my black seize
I can see you lay in my black seize
can you smeel
I'm baking cookies
My fingers so sticky
My phone scream i'm working
When i try to start texting my hands like....
Hy there don't care respect the fate

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