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Rick Ross - National Champs Lyrics

feat. DJ Scream

I had to take the seats out
I had to put that bomb main interior in the Maybach, nigga
Maybach music!

She know you niggas monkey niggas
She want a money makin mogul nigga
Quit smilin like you know a nigga
You ain’t no boss, how you owe a nigga
I’m the flame that the game needed
Let y’all fiends use the same needle
See my chain know the click fatal
I turned a dream into a record label
Holdin my hammer, it get cold in the winter
My lil niggas on fire, I fucks with no sex offenders
Got all the bitches, lyrics is vicious
Taylor my breeches, remainin consistent
I keep to myself, most neighbors be snitches
I bought me a mansion, dope boy in the district
Brick in the trunk, V7 be movin
Hundred black gaskets, in honor of booben
I’m shippin that boy, to my dawg in Detroit
Let him run through the Chi, oh me oh my
Keepin it real, my niggas invented
Beginnin to climb, you niggas descendin
Brick heaven, if a bitch hate
Ma be mad how I’m ballin like I’m Nick Saban
National champs, look at my rings
Charlie Ward, I play for two teams
The DeMarcus cousins, way of doing things
Call it dirty money, look at all the joy it brings
Gavin Maloof, Rick Ross, Mickey Arison
Bitch I’m a fuckin’ boss

Keep your enemies close
Like the weed that you smoke
Watch the words that you speak
Leave that shit in the streets

Your homie hatin, want to see you home invaded
Tweetin your location, got all these killers racin
Meanwhile I’m sellin records, trynna move vinyl
Killin like makin records, niggas wanna sign you
Hit, hit, go make another hit
Big advance for a nigga he could never get
Nigga hatin on me send his address to my gmail
On my twitter bio why the fuck you think it’s up there?
Fuck your show nigga, I’ll fuck your hoe nigga
You just a half a brick, I’m that whole nigga
You a half a man, I’m a gold nigga
So when you try me, I’ma throw nigga
That’s all I can say
Take em to trial

Keep your enemies close
Like the weed that you smoke
Watch the words that you speak
Leave that shit in the streets.

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