Kevin Gates - Neon Lights Lyrics

They Say Diamonds Are Forever (2x)

Verse 1
Public thought me a pessimist, think my thoughts too pessimistic
Reminiscing roastin garcia vegas
Just don’t do swishers, or rillos
Murder rap we beat it, 2 am, 2 seated
Yellow things bright embrace
Now arch your back and lay
Face down, I’m a gangster, my heart colder than chicago
This black impala just sent bullets through my car door
These niggas I’ve been runnin with
Pressure hit they crumbling
Never had no loving in this shit
Pray to god somebody pray for me

Deep conversation were always related, and then celebrated the things of the past
Happy belated, while passing her Franklins
Just thought I was stated, just stated too fast
Went to the pen and was living upstate
Feel I got a way cause I skated with cash

Made crooked lawyers and dirty attorneys who take all your money and say that they working
Fuckin with you, stuck in this loop
You jumpin through hoops, and we running through hurdles
Ain’t need your mama, but told her I promise
That when she around me, that nothin will hurt her
She do the talkin, I can’t be 2 personal
Lean drinkin, no Bud Light, itchin for them chickens
These Idiots, must dont love life

Free to speak on anything and all
Before we met not much belief in anything at all
And then we found love, under neon lights
Fluorescent body paint, while under neon lights
Let me get you to sound off, loud in here
Say my name, loud and clear
Watch me wake up all the neighbors when we making love
I’m talking naked making faces really cutting up
In the bathroom or the shower, let this waterfall
Like soldier slim I got enough of d*ck for all of y’all
Now the luxury whips come equipped with neon lights. Body paint florescent under neon lights, rockin neon lights under neon lights, Cookin soft and sellin hard while under neon lights

Verse 2
breadwinner Mafia, with tropical leaves
Take off my shirt can't come out my sleeves I got it in ink and that's what I believe
Exploring desires the moment devours I'm watching this fire ignite in the sheets
Kissing my wrist, got her legs on my shoulder my dick in her stomach I'm giving her "D"
She grippin the pillow with teeth, I wrinkle my lip she wiggles her feet
Built up a tolerance now,hollerin louder she get it with speed
This is we,they say Diamonds Are Forever?
Boyfriend calling connstant? Im forreal , im forreal , ding dong got the ring tone as out theme song wanna beef with you every time you leave home
Tell em that the plan that I'll have you scared,I'll catch em I'll tell em whatever what up
Name in the streets and I stand on that spit my life through the wax I'mma die bout that
Outside make it 4th of July and they say Diamonds Are Forever
From start to finish,sayin life's but a race put the petal to the metal
Sayin ready, set, GO now start ya engine
We still keep in touch no loss in


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