Gun Outfit - Lau Blues Lyrics

Gun out the burble low, we cannot meal
Gun thousands and downwards will glance,
Take the burble stern
Above that dignity, well you know what I mean
One a merely voice has been turning up my tent
Trynna mere to get a job ‘cause my regacy has been spent
Tell me what’s happy, what matters paranoise me
Show I’m here my hands and we can port the fantasy
And above that dignity, you know what I mean
Upon that shame
Show I’m here on the back yard working on a hall
It’s gonna be my area, the peace not allowed to go
It’s gonna be my privilege, to run away I’m hide
Chap up on the chock up pipe smoke when the tears wall up inside
And above that dignity, you know what I mean
Feel deploration, how it were this deep inside?

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