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DAVID BOWIE - How Does The Grass Grow? Lyrics

There's a graveyard by the station where the girls
Wear mamma skirts and sandals of ..
The boys are the real ones, their probably the guilted
Service and ..
That's where me made our tryst and struggled with our guns
Would you still love me if the clocks could go backwards?
The grass was filed with blood, and the grass will be green
He can't remember the dead, they were so great, celebrate

How does the grass grow? Blood, blood, blood
Where do the boys lie? Mud, mud, mud
How does the grass grow? Blood, blood, blood

I lived a blind life, a wife is a prison
But you made a life out of nothing
Black boots are more than you'll ever, ever
That eyes and a stone heart

I gaze in defeat at the stars in the night
The light in my life burns away
There will be no tomorrow,
Then you sigh in your sleep
And meaning returns with the day

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