Nike Nando - Double Dragon Lyrics

This makes a lass thing as they fuck it with me
Super naughty fags he likes trouble with me
Me, get a mission of the MG I’m for me in a top three
All seven was gronded up in a top 100
He instinct easy, grows killing a dose beasts
Which you know about a pain, which you know about a naught
Do showers for my head and get free for either mouse
We’ll never see this, we’re in a manner envy
‘Cause this cause to be boss, negative
And press to start this game with me
But of my shown I’d never let to know what I use to be
Pressing truck, visions large about Caissy
I’m accord with my own, shit, it can’t lee
Was the underdog never mood they can be
See at sea ‘cause loud is never what is gonna to sleep
Double dragon
That was destiny
Double dragon
This is the of the champions
And you fool
Double Dragon
When I’m healing it is like a
Double dragon
Well, o journey in the mountain side
I’ve seen it up for a pale bags
I was never want for giving up
Not to fall some time down
Not for bitch who’s still stand up
In my 100-1000 I was trapped
Like a tricky fucked if you hold it
We located the Hollywood
This seem the next chapter, this is another book
Try to conquer the Universe
Getting closer, even closer to the each verse
And all started with a dream
When I said I couldn’t do it
I was like fucking me
And the man know what is worst
Take him out of misery and put them in the dark
Move out like a God, like a queen one enthroned on the magazine’s fast
Double dragon
That was destiny
Double dragon
This is the story of the champions
And you fool
Double Dragon
When I’m healing it is like bay you are here
Double dragon
Baby right there
Hello rap, my excuse is a scratch mass
And the bitch knows me, negative, this is you aimed for
Super villain, scribbling in living with cool cashing
She is my sexy, she’s been adverted,
She’s trying to fill it damn
Shit, this is world without ammunition
Money grap, ‘cause this world is lost like a dramatics
Sin is out of occasions, or tensions, ‘cause all we’ll be franklin when I call
Watch : I just laid in keeping in the sane
Let me breathe for few, ‘cause the rap closed getting
And you don’t know what to do
Is like a pope epistle where your falls can’t move
It’s like a broken leg, got another group that’s the cue
Always got aim in the wounds, if you don’t people will just shout
That is true
Develop your truth and weapon like an alternative or lose
I was wondering for my shout that got in dose
Double dragon
That was destiny
Double dragon
We are the champions
And you fool
Double Dragon.

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