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Papoose - Major Distribution Lyrics

I empty four up the four four
IÂ’m sick with them haters
I hit you with a four clip, fool, like Angie Martinez
I donÂ’t start, I finish it, thatÂ’s just my demeanor
I never stop like ball players who sit on the bleachers
Seen this nigga with two chains, I couldnÂ’t believe this
Told my man I’m ‘bout to go get every slip, and I need this
I rain upon them with wide eyes, gripping the meanest
I told ‘em, nigga, give it to me or give it to Jesus
IÂ’m in the hood playing the keys, I live with them keepers
While you butt head niggas is probably living with beavers
Your whole squad, nothing but broads, clique full of divas
I know bitches realer than yÂ’all, you niggas is skeezers
Y’all be sending information when they send ‘em subpoenas
ThatÂ’s why you fool like to grub in my fridge, in my freezer
Look in my eye when it come to that four, five
Bust it baby, bust it baby, just like flies
Handle my ham and banana, cut and IÂ’ll jam you
Hate a man with no manners, IÂ’ll slap a man with a slammer
Uncle Sam not a planner, kill your man with a camera
Jam your mess up in cannons, go away and land up in Canada
Drop a bandana, wave in scrambles and gambles, give it the pan handlers
I plan to ban us from Atlanta to Tampa
These niggas is animated, like Hanna Barbera
Blood in your mouth to end you, Lance canÂ’t understand you
My man Mr. Influence you got more holes than Santa
‘Cause he making reindeer like Rudolph and Prancer
If you a fan of my grandma itÂ’s not a minute youÂ’re scared of
‘Cause you’re always prepared to
Use your antenna strong as the hand of Montana
You gotta cancel the cancer, misty like Mona Lisa
Hot as a pen in my kettle, though theseÂ… are hitlers
Yes, I am the commander, you only check with myÂ…
IÂ’m deep as a black panther
‘Cause there’s nothing more clearer than a man in a mirror
What was good for the goose ainÂ’t always good for the gander

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