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Redman - Lookn' Fly Too Lyrics

(Feat Method Man & R.E.A.D.Y. Roc)

I know I'm just..fly fly fly
I know I'm..check mike, yes sir
I know I'm..check mike
We're all gonna do it like this,
Y'all hey

Hey you're the superman love a girl that's my hand though
that's why my hand on the hand, doing the land bo,
the man hoe, say the super for cambo
I got girls going rambo in the land though
a hot heels sandals getting their freak..
poor girls ain't feet deeper than their song,
One black super nela, one is beat call the palm,
so I catch em all like key shawn
the beats on so I'm throwin the heads phones
with the mike keep it close eye to red bone,
I beat it up, till let go in next song
when I die put his flying ahead the stone
each step gone when you walk in my world,
you pay.. I block over the trap world,
hustler, Cadillac on my grill
getting it see JLo is a fly girl

Have you seen a nigga pimpin and you know I'm lookn fly, lookn fly,
Let's go!
I look around in the caddy, do you know I'm lookn fly, I'm lookn fly?
I'm international worldwide, baby you know I'm fly, you know I'm fly,
I play FLY till I die you know I'm fly, you know I'm fly, you know I'm fly.

Who you know get higher than me?
Look Superman could get flier than me
I'm about to get it started up like I..
I'm so fly when I was young they kept me talk to a tree
see I'm all out handsome, cool and handsome,
ladies on my game, one.. and offend em,
that's why they can't stand em,..ain't chance em
'cause if they really worth ain't no..
but if they not I'm a one night stand em,
and soon as a..I tell to get my mansom.
you know super fly, I'm his grandson
pimp game vicious with the strip for Simpson
where I'm going you can't come, why?
it's too far, a place where a nigga so fly and use cars,
catch me about to jewels bars, chillin with two bros
so when I'm M's for damn like I'm already cool bar


You know what I felt wide till I died girl, you know I'm fly
Look in my eyes and you know I'm hot,
she still loving me, but know I'm locked
and I'm a little too fly, but stay grind and even through I try
all these haters won't quit my wing, go dig it wanna get my cream,
my money dirty high is this so clean and I'ma die, when I did my thing
I tell the connoisseurs to get my things,
Big Meth always VIP, stay fresh till I DIE
I'll be rolling it up see when I puff, do it BIG
your money young, gotta see ID,
while play I could fly but free,
they ain't no eye and we can make no limit but the sky from me,
I'll be yourself you ain't lying to me,
'cause there's a difference between,
what you want and what you're trying to be?

Check mike.
Check mike.

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