Glam.I.Rock - Feel Lyrics

Glam plus sick beat turns a bad bitch to a pipsqueak
Heard what you saying these niggas a playing go back to the park cause your shits week
You got all that this year, I'm tryin get all that this week
Know when the flow go I'm stoppin like no-no the cleanest asshole, yeah my shit squeak
Clean, let me show you what I mean
I'm up so I guess that I never really understood how you living the dream
Decaf I'm stickin em up for the cream, talking that head like you got plenty
The way that I'm shitting there's no competition as far as I see not any uh uh
No, ear drums I stimulate them and I fear none
You steppin foot in the lions den
You might not be stupid but near dumb
Here um, let me just give you this ear trip
Super gooey ooozy track until you feeling your ears drip
Down to your finger tips anything else is meaningless
Puttin it all in your face so that you know I really mean this shit
How I feel f*ck it all or get involved high as hell or sober dude
They cravin for that true and real trill well it's overdue

They told me to give something they could feel
And I'ma do me not giving a f*ck bout what you feel

Glam plus sick verse, put a career in big hearse
Killin em' calm and eating this jawn
Like jefferey dahm or big lurch
What's worst, going before or after me
Actually I'm spitting it until they bold enough to spit it back at me
Anybody wanna? heard that you was gonna?
But you changed your mind cause I might just knock you off your come up
Talking to a monster, you cheesier than monster
Do you think I'm losing sleep while you hatin' me nuh uh
Catch me sleeping deep, comfy on a serta
Droppin hits and getting paid from places you ain't heard of
Too busy eatin meals, making my way on to dessert, bro
Some people call it OJ, some people call it murder
Trust me if you ain't about the movement you can get gone
Ain't nobody here about to fuck no one to get on
My skills is my hook like, got these rappers shook like
Homie Im the future ask me what the fuck I look like

They told me to give something they could feel
And I'ma do me not giving a f*ck bout what you feel

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