Ace Hood - Da Streets Lyrics

know I might say YMCMB a lot
It's cause I love my squad
Shout to that we're the best music
Play to Ace Hood!
Guess what? YMCMB!

OK, God that's above, the only man who can judge
Flip a brick through a Benz, never reveal who the plug
Over money, I know some youngsters who turned on their blood
And niggas' bitches, just digging bitches, that's rule number one
Ain't never gonna turn on my niggas, I put that shit on my sister
Keep that hoe in the ride, and I'm talking about my lil pistol
That's cause the streets sell the coke, most of my friends turn to foes
Some of these niggas are bitches, most of these women be hoes
But I just stay on... fuck, we get money, niggas
Most these pussies just talking, I really know me some killers
Don't even go there, don't even go there!
Most of my niggas late, but felons boy don't make me go there
I holler, fuck a man, that pussy should you stand for
These people hate that I done made it, what you mad for?
I'm doing me, my true G , this for the cash flow
And that real nigga shit the only thing I stand on.
I'm out of my mind, I'm going too hard, it on the dash board
My whips are foreign, it's a must I keep my passport
My chopper gold, I mean that...hoe
In twenty G, these pieces will bury me with chains on, pussy!

Shout to that boy stunner!
Shout to that boy George...!
Shout to my nigga Wayne!
Mac Man, I see you!

OK, now.. these pieces running
These streets and my loafers
Every day I'm a hustler, I gotta meet my new...
Rest in peace all my niggas, I'm trying to find me some closure
Niggas ain't who they say they are, it's about time expose them
Fresh and I'm in that new Lotus, I bought the fake like a...
Killing these niggas I promise, just wanna listen my condolence
Better know we're out here, yeah boy, we're out here
And it ain't no ... new couches, I'm paper counting
Them cowards piling, take a trip overseas then come back and buy me a...
Tipping toe on my 40's, that's a new ballerina
Only eat up the pussy if you smell...
Came from shit in a trunk, that just might clear out arenas
I'm talkin Starvation 2, the beast is back in the booth
I got that shit off the muscle, I'm only preaching the truth
I... the Lord every morning, I'm not that boy on the corner
Got a crib big as.... and hoe I'm the owner!

Toe tag, nigga!
Ace Hood!
..and turbulations, the new album, 2013, nigga
We're the hottest
We've been this, nigga, we're the niggas
We're the best!

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