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A$AP Ferg - Toca Tuesday Freestyle Lyrics

First it was asap rocky, now it’s ferg
Tony toca you up fuck what you heart
Harlem to brooklyn in the house
You know what it is man, you know we bout
Asap mob, tony toca, know what it is man
It’s a loca
Sippin that ciroc, coco
You know what it is man,
Yes... loco

Hi, I’m fergie vicious, a bunch of bad bitches gonna do my dishes
She gonn lick it, she gonn lick my dick tip
Fucking with tony toc he gonna touch your bitches
I’m riding in the motherfucking lamo with the rambo
Nigga acting stupid I will hit your fucking bambo
Get low, coming through with the 64
If a nigga acting stupid, bullets out your door
Like biggie, coming through with your bitch
And she know that I’m swiftly, taylor swift me
Cause I’m talent and I’m swiftly
Got your bitch getting swiss cheese,
On my grill cheese
And that bitch is on her knees
Cause she like fergie please
Put it in her butt cause she
I put it in your bitch butt
Cause she like it in the gut
And she like what the fruck
Got the white diamonds in the motherfucking teeth
And you know d fergus from 143 and a nigga street
Coming through with heat
And if a nigga acting stupid we can have beef
Cause I got the motherfucking crew with me
Asap and we got rocky
In the back of the car coming through with the bars
And the motherfucker smoother than chico debarge
And I spit so much bars nigga I spit hard
A nigga like damn fergie, oh my god, oh my lord
Just a young trap lord
And you can’t afford to fuck with the fergus star
Sippin on that persian wine
Egyptian god with doctrines and lines
Sip that on flex, coming through with the teks
I bust you in your motherfucking neck
I’m bout to catch wreck
I got the gangster appeal if a nigga acting real
Hit them with that fucking still
Yeah I got puerto rico with me
Coming through with the motherfuckign chico within
Yeah and he got a gise girl with the curl
And she coming through, guess she suck my dick till my toes curl
Yeah, I gotta get the motherfucking blow right
Get the dough right, get your hoes all night
Yeah, that bitch gonn suck my dick till my toes get elbows
I got the flow all crazy
Bitches wanna hop upon my dick like
I got the dough, I got the hoes
Yeah you know fergus stun, I rock the shows
I get the dough and I get the bitches
Bitches on my dick and she like to get my dick licked
Yeah running through the block with the glock
Act stupid, you will get shot up like pac
Hey yo, rest in peace to the homie pac
Coming through in the drop, with the rain drops
Cause I make it rain
With the fucking chains, and I got mad change for deranged
Know what I mean? With the gold chains
44 at your brain, know I mean?
Niggas know me, the beef low maine
Hanging at your motherfucking brain for talking slang
Nigga like damn, this nigga great
I don’t give a fuck, yeah sky is grey
Niggas don’t know you look like macy gray
You better go see my ice cause it makes you grey
I got mad diamonds and ...
Cozy boy and I stay real climbing
I’m out my motherfucking mind and
I got 2 fucking dames all the time

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