HD - Rhymin Lyrics

Yo, yo, yo, Hd, Brooklyn
That 94 nigga from 94 nigga, word up
It’s the frankie on the keys
You know he does that shit with ease
And I’ma spit clean, haha
A’ight nigga, I got this shit

Check it, I’m from the east coast
With a flow that please most
She might tell you she celibate
Bet she letting hd stroke
And yo it’s no contest
Stepping to me with that non sense
Spidey senses with hammers, you can say we got a non sense
Look, I’m not a top shotta posted on the block
Glock cock for the fiends, frank lucas up in the sock
I own most with Stevie Lucas, tryina be like uncle Frankie
Addicted to fast money and women who call me daddy
Gladly I pick the mike up, loud, I switch the style up, loud
I broke the rules and got a flow to fuck your life up now
You write your thoughts in 140 characters
I express myself with this lyrical cannabus
Yo, you could try whenever tired, check your laces
I’m at they neck, but fuck this other now rageous
It’s hd, watch me spread across the globe
Your talk means nothing if you niggas can’t show
Tell em don’t come with that bull, I’m not a matador
Hungry like jumba juices infested by carnivores
Lord, your slick talk will have you knockin on heaven’s gate
We see through your front
Like bitches on they wedding day, nigga

Now when my tape knock rock drop
Thugs gonn lick shots
Mad birds gonn flock
And fiends gonn puff dot
It’s hd taking over for monopoly
I’m far from gay, ain’t no way your brother top on me
Pause, now for that all mighty dollar
Berettas hold power, so these cowards get devoured
You carol for plenty hours, scared to lose yours in glock showers
So you cop 3 4’s for mister eisenhower
And who’s to blame, just a product of the block
They will never catch you trippin cause you keep tight knot
A good dude just caught up in the evils
We living in america, so niggas keep the eagles
Yo, I digress, now what’s the topic
Hd, a fly nigga, so your girl swallow my cock
Yo, I’m on the rise so these niggas wann diss
Fuck you rug rest, you don’t talk, you lip shit
It’s bout the cedar, bout the cedar, what they tell us
So we over zealous, cause they over sell us
We want to live better, and sip on maretta
So we stacking ones till our blues are more better
That’s washingtons for you niggas that’s incompetent
You make the wrong moves, you’ll get pressed like we laundering
Greatness is when I’m pondering, thought it then I accomplish it
Keep your lips sealed, if your talk is ...
I got dreams of whippin the best this ride
They asked me to kill the roach, I put the pesticide
Only green that I need is this motherfucking green
Rap schemes from these niggas
Cause they see the lights and chains glean
They don’t see the nights and staying up perfective rhymes
They just see mind clears watching extensive time
They say I’m a load, to told them poles
This lil nigga got flows that will toss all falls
Like lock and load, though they kee pthe glock close
Leave em red like a maxi, cause it’s murder that I wrote
We some straight face niggas, but we cheese them for the cheese
The gangster never smile, so we cheese them for the g’s
Since 94 you should bump it everyday
But I’ma end it like this a.w.y.a.
you should bump it everyday
But I’ma end it like this a.w.y.a.


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