Night Beds - 22 Lyrics

A part of me, I call a stranger
This part of me, I found in danger
We saw the night, you 'fleshed it out
Across time, wearin' my heart’s smile

All too dark, words left to finish
The trail, the ground, over my head
Honesty was pine, tress off your neck
From where love was found, rolled up in chains

When I tried the search to find the cause
In your eyes I’ll lose my mind repose

In an old world, I know nothing
The August night, we hear the train sound
All again, songs are failed instincts
They will find my soul will not keep

To my mother fell in love forever
It’s rendered right we'll take our time to go
When the firefly eat my mind and soul
i'll find the one I cant deny
I’ll find the one she sits inside
I’ll find the one i cant deny

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