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Ryan Leslie - Carnival Of Venice Lyrics

Les, I’m tryina see the best of things
Lace my girl 5 karats in the ring
Give my mom’s a crib, my pop’s a new whip
When it’s all said and done, stack a mill for my kids
Work hard, play hard, stack dough, live well
Get away, stay on an island in my way hotel
Got my little sister proud like check your mouth
She happy I put a pool in the house she love to swim
I’m known for my taste in ladies
Plus I’m a murcielago and par twin grey mercedes
Stadies leave me alone, when I cruise the express way
Can’t touch me, the community loves me
I’m on the news shaking hands, had to get back
Salvation army get 100 grand
And I own a company on which I’m the chair
I’m the boss el jefe premier
And I’m knowing they stare
When they see me at the rolex store
On the road to rose gold cost a hunned and 4
That’s a house on the arm, couple calls on the wrist
Yes success served cold is a remarkable dish
When they see me yeah they might stand around for a photo
Watch for a king got a crown for a logo
Owe it all to god so the greatest I think
The whole team getting green, celebrate at the bank
Yeah, that volcano flow slow burn through your stereo
You know what the bizness is, you know the scenario
Black mozart flow, hated like the taliban
With a black fur coat made out of astrackhan
Thick in the club man, you know I’ma turn up
Money here to get homie, you know I’ma earn up
Ace for the entourage, bring the metuslah
Envy make haters turn green like arugula
Still make a fool of y’all, pain in a gold bottle
Stunt hard, these lames need a role model
Shawty with the pretty face, that’s my plus one
Future presentation, word to suss one
Gold on the wrist, no time for the gimmicks
Living the self made sweet dreams annie lennox
Class in session, hope you all in attendance
Put the mask on for the carnival of venice.

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