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Rick Ross - Don't Kill My Vibe (Freestyle) Lyrics

Ciroc boy forever!
Put this Belaire,rose,Hennesy to be the world's finest
Just for the record
Feeling real good right now, Grammy nominee
Soundtracks! Straight up!

I'm growing in my chatter, my champagne warm
I had to struggle to make it, I die for my...
Used to call me dyslexic, it was a challenge to read
Mother helped me at night, till I finally achieved
Sometimes I look in the mirror, I can't believe I'm alive
Disrespect for the niggas who wanna take me alive
Wishing death on you niggas, we never see eye to eye
Somehow I pray for you niggas at the very same time
See, I was raised in a cell, you help your brother to shine
I watch everything change in the blink of an eye
Rappers wanna be ballers, ballers wanna be rappers
When the liquor endorsement worth more than your masters
Here's a toast to Ciroc, all my boys on the block
I might be drunk on the coach, but I'm raising the bar, ah!

Chorus: I am a sinner who's gon probably sin again,
Lord forgive me (2ce)
Things I don't understand,sometimes I need to be
Bitch don't kill my vibe(2ce),I can feel urenergy
From to ...away,I got my drink(2ce),I got my music
I will share it,bitch don't kill my vibe

Thanks to @hlawal93...Lawal Olushola Hafis for correcting these lyrics

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