Bow Wow - Dope Lyrics

Still lebron in this rap shit
She suck me up for so long I rubbed her for chop sticks
Still stunting on weak niggas like so what
Touch down in new york, I’m fuckin with slow bust
Find me down the westside in that s5
Fuck with bad bitches, from queens to best dive
Neck piece still on freeze mode
Been hot since seha genesis, dookie ropes and cangos
I still act a fool with the cash, put the bitch on blast
Has the backs and know she let me smash
And I ain’t have to give her a penny
Gave her some remi, next thing you know
I’m getting head in my bentley
Bt chess got me livin right
I’m bout to cop a new crib and a 9 figure digit price
Man the boy dangerous like too much codeine
I get on tracks, I spaz, no, I od

Them niggas don’t know me
I keep extra niggas for safety
That’s for them fuck boys out there tryina play me
These jays ain’t out yet, you can’t find em
I down like mobsters, 4 cheese pastas
And I don’t like these boys out here
Them rock type pants that look weird, I dye my hair
I’m a motherfucking nigga from the ohio
Niggas calm broke out here like t o
About money straight like start yeah
Saying I’m broke is like tryina say dogs don’t bark
That I ain’t happenin, no time soon
Pull up in that 911 crush they move, cause I’m that dude
Ask your bitch, while she was sex to you
She was sucking my dick
Yeah, she multitalented, smokin that cali shit
I smoke one down and then I roll me another spliff.

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