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Raekwon - Prince Of Thieves Lyrics

Good night popo!
Good night popo!
Good night thieves!
Good night thieves!
Good night hoppers!
Good night hoppers!
Good night hustlers!
Good night hustlers!
Good night scamers!
Good night scamers!
Good night for everybody!
Good night for everybody!
Prince of thieves
Catch me on trees
Fall on under the sleafs
Cover in leafs
Dark night shooters
Black capes
Pull they'd over
The goal dob of extra keys
Run the town
Crack smith
We clack kids
We wanna ransom
To drop them outta of the Moise
Just answer
Who run them niggers
Who run niggers
They somebody
Don't want nohtin'
Just don't caugh'em
Piramide mansions
We get grandsons
Take'em outta space
Take ace
And now
Go plant somethin'
Meet me at the end of the road
Been trough the globe
No hoppin' in and out
This shit is global
We hood mocal provacal
Niggers why I'm local
Never been aware
We drop niggers out
In the pockin' those
Bunch of roundous with count....
Fourtyfive hallos
Haters slap lot of Chicago
Eyes closed
Money makin'
Who slapped hoes
I rather be sittin' in the ....
Yellow bravo
With all my hood
Niggers live though
This is how a fourtyfive blow
You stayed real life next brook
Feel good shit nigger
Only build for real niggers
Real motherfuckers
Not far the energy
The ghost is played
Hey hooo
I bougth one
For manage the street
I only drive Camas
Basseball hats and diamonds
Come through discrace
Niggers ain't play some martirs
Automatic magnets
Swag that
Nigger is a grab next
Break your collar bone
A plat nexus
Switch off and hit the glow
We hit the numbers
With different goals
My niggers bitchin'
We in the raw
Its blowin'
Plus now
It's to stay off
My comfort home
We bosses live for real
And it's to now me
Everybody's grabbin' a fist
We are in the belly of a beast
Leeches stravin'
Niggers wanna a piece
That's why I stay humble and hard
Cross my path to wrong way
You dyin' and I'm flyin'
To Greece
Swim like belts over beats
I ran with the leads
Who lived off the land
Tackin' your its


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