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Rick Ross - Love Sosa (Freestyle) feat. Stalley Lyrics

Will never stop nigga, never
I'm here down hundred mill mark on these niggas in the next two years,
yeah nigga

I say I'm ridin on fudges, call em my skaters,
you know them bodies be sticky,
you can't get caught up in cables
niggas been tricky, you can't be asking for favors,
2-2-3 go to lickin' and make your bitch go in label,
nigga stay where you're winnin', you wanna kill em my finger
took the top off the cup bitch I know my face look familiar,
fuckin with mollie gangastas, we makin them killer
when you touch your first million, you never forget the feeling,
now with my eyes go to twitchin, 'cause that the itchin'
niggas be snitchin, now where my dogs start to trippin'
gotta brrrat-tat-tat tat, gotta rat tat tat
black belly a bottom, bitch you know my pocked said,
all money the game, double in on my chain,
I get read it the deal, got the twenty and change,
I step where I please, broke niggas freeze,
cardy ain't bracelet them switches sweets in my jeans.

This bitches love sosa, oh and I know it,
f*ckin with them old boss, you gonna get verdover
rari's and roll boss, these are lutchi sosa,
head it with that cobra, now that boy snooped over,
they do it all for sosa, your poison make it no loss,
ya'll know what my grown boy, your clip full of broke boys,
guy ya'll some wrong boys, guy ya'll some wrong boys,
WGB dope boys, we got lost a dope boy.

Stealing all gold like mister T
rolling up that switches sweet,
but sheavy with diamonds seats,
riding until this diamond D, diamonds in my pinky ring,
middle finger do you're hating niggas
that hate to see niggas do this thing,
but I'm doing me, a million leg she even after doing that music
manage tour for free, now all I hear is to shares me,
and I tour rolls if it ain't, I'ma click and run down
all you rappers, and your big rhymes I lost struggle
'cause I kept grinding, man I speak honest,
this week niggas can't compete, I'ma be honest then being modest,
freshest niggas come check the closets,
world tour and then them checks deposit,
new whips with no mollege,
new cribs if I call hobbits,
very money in my back yard while you broke niggas going back and far


Thanks to watson volt shava for correcting these lyrics

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