Cassidy - R.A.I.D. Lyrics

(Meek Mill Diss)

Everybody know Cassidy does what he do man, know what I'm saying?
It ain't easy to get around them punchlines he gon' bring to you in a battle, I don't care what you say!
How it sound back then or you ain't getting around that in no battle it ain't easy!
You know what I'm saying?
But boy, that's what he do professionally,
He been doing it, I seen Cassidy been in probably more than five-thousand battles
You know, and I don't think he had one L
And I don't think a new guy is gonna step up and give him the L that easily!

Aha, yeah, you been on my dick
You should've took your own fucking advice
You know you not fucking with me
I used to help you write your raps,
Give you tips on how to get better
I used to tutor you,
Know you want to disrespect your teacher?
Well you got a problem on your hands that you can't deal with
Hey yo, you ain't got nothing on me!
They couldn't wait for me to diss you on a song
Cause you was fucking corny
Remember when you used to run up on me, like:
"Cass, please listen to my song!"?
You used to play your shit like, "this a hit Cass!"
I was thinking, man that shit trash,
Why you lay this shit?
You said Cosmic Kev gave you shit
Cause he ain't never played your shit
If you ain't mean it, why you say this shit
Now your song getting played everyday and shit,
So you gassed up, but I still eat your ass up
You turned into a fag to get your cash up
But, I'd rather be broke then get my ass fucked
I started off with 50 Cent, I ain't lying,
But I'mma get rich or die trying like a half...
Yo my bars so raw, it could get bagged up
But yours got mad cut and not the kind that...
Yep, this what I'm gonna do to you,
Kill you in the battle,
Then like... say a poem at your funeral! (Damn!)
Cause you wasn't getting bread then
Now you trying to ride out, but you coming down a dead end
You was a fucking bum,
You couldn't even get your braids fucking done
It looked like you was growing dreads
And we know, I turned to Christ like...
But in jail was the only time I hung around a C.O. (Hunh?)
I'm the illest M.C.,yo!
Why you wanna try me?
Man I'm the S.H.I.T.!
You niggas shook up like...
I spit cook up, you don't wanna be hooked up to an I.V.
You would rather eat a whole bowl full of dog shit
And drink a cup full of hog spit before you try me
R.I.P. see the...
Boy, I ain't doin no more twitting,
Get your door kicked in!
Come on you be drawn, nigga I ain't bullshitting!
How you go on Twitter tweeting that The Bull snitching?
Listen, you better off tryna make a verse
Cause the shit that you tweet only gonna make it worse, yeah
You a dry snitch, tryna say that I snitch
Bitch I never opened my lips, where the paperwork?
You was in Pit' on the court with a P.D.
No commissary, couldn't even make a...
When I was locked up, I was on T.V.
Soon as dudes turned on the news they would see me
So yeah they put me on PC, I'm not debating
For the first month, did the final seven on population
I hate talking bout the past
But why shit be coming out your mouth,
Cause you're talking out your ass!
But watch how you talk when you talking bout Cass
Cause I'm seriously offended, don't get your career ended!
You finished! your whole career is a gimmick!
You must of lost your damn mind screaming all the damn time
You can't rhyme, and if it wasn't for Charlie Mack
You wouldn't even have a house to have a house party at!
You can hardly rap, all you do is make party tracks
Niggas know.. sound so weak on a slow beat
You blew up fast, but now you got a slow leak
All you gonna hear about is how Cass' aired you out
Who cares about how you supposed to be rich
Or how you riding in your Ghost, Rollie on your wrist, bitch
You really hyped but you ain't even repping...right
You're not a Big Willie just cause you know how to... bikes, right?
It's like I was sixteen doing it
You cockroach, I'm the dopest nigga you seen doing it
Don't make me put you on that Summer Jam screen
In them dirty ass jeans and the sneakers with the wings on it!
Your first album and that compilation flopped
Cause you tell a bunch of lies and you exaggerate a lot
Stop saying you was making guap hustling, cause you wasn't
You never had keys, like a combination lock!
That ice... in that imitation watch
So why you always rapping bout how much cake you got?
You a son of a bitch, trying to imitate your pop
And you never was a thug, why you imitating ...?
You was wrong for doing that song 2Pac back
I seen the video like, where the fuck is 2Pac at?
I saw your boss like nah, 2Pac not fat
I had Philly on lock before 2Pac got clapped
You know me, an O.G. in the game
On point, like Derrick Rose before he hurt his knee in the game
For ten years I've been the dopest M.C. in the game
How you expect to keep respect long as me in the game?
See your name was Meek Millz and now it's Meek Mill
You couldn't even keep the fucking z in your name
You the biggest pussy in the game, I got your cat shook
"Cassidy losing to Meek," now how does that look?
Why you drop that song Repo? That was a whack look
The streets know the people need to repo your rap book
I'm back look, this what I prayed for
You dug your own grave boy,
That's what I made the song RAID for
And Meek, how you gon' wage war?
When the GDs made MMG. shut down their paid tour?
You getting paid, I got paid more!
Way more! I just get it and spend it,
I should've saved more!
I signed a deal when you was in the sixth grade, boy
You got some nice whips but none of them shits is paid for
Man you leased it, don't keep it a damn secret
You could front for a couple of months but you can't keep it
And everybody know that you niggas is fucking...
You might as well pre order your rest in peace posters
You niggas bout to go night night, buenas noches!
Fuck them all, "I bury those cockroaches"
This ain't about who the richest and who the brokest
This is about who the dopest, and nigga focused
You moved from Philly, you only in the city
Cause in LA Big U signed your eviction notice
You jokers better keep your mouth closed
I was a household name for you was coming out your household
I roll with a bunch of goons so I'm extra safe
But I still gotta keep the weapon on me just in case!
No I don't wanna catch a case
But I never keep the safety on my weapon,
I ain't tryna keep my weapon safe!
You extra fake, show some respect!
Cause I was there when all you used to wear was dirty ass v-necks
You spit a bunch of BS, you don't want it with me
I get fucking busy, ain't nobody fucking with me!
Under dignity, I been pretty all my damn life
Damn right, you might can flow but you can't write
You not trying to go to jail and lose your damn life
If we start beefing so lets keep it on the damn mic!
Fuck all the damn hype, this about bars
It's not about rollies, it's not about cars
It's not about YSL or...!
You jumped off my dick and dick ride Ross, pause
Keep your eyes on the sparrow Meek
Cause riding other niggas dicks is not a good way to travel me!
So get off, yeah you tried to get your shit off
But your shit soft, you gon' get your head ripped off
And all the fronting that you doing got me pissed off
Nothing that you write true, that's why I don't like you!
I don't know why hyped you, all your bars recycled
Fuck who got opinions, you know you not winning
I been hot from the beginning
Son you got problems when they tired of your style after one album!
I'm not finished, you the dude I'mma chew up!
You my son, one of my sperm cells that grew up
Yep, I brought you in this world and I can take you out
Then let your bitch and my dick start making out
You already know every radio station about to have this song Bumping like a nigga that's breaking out
Look, you can put my raps in the crack file
That style you got not yours, that's Peedi Crakk style
And that's foul, I told you to switch your rap style awhile back
Let them get your style back
You not a loud pack, you a black mild, you just rap loud!
And you are whack cause you rap with another cat's style
I ain't feeling Robert Meek Williams
I'mma kill him, and I can care less if he catch feelings
The Meek shall inherit the Earth
Well that's exactly what Meek gonna inherit when he buried in dirt!
Meek, you never should've spit that verse
I ain't... but you know what's up
You bout to get that work,
Get that doctor, get that nurse!
In the hospital bed, you won't get that first!
Yeah, get that casket, get that hearse,
Get that pastor, get that church!
Your career dead, yeah!
And you can keep sleeping on me
But I'm bout to blow up like an airbed, you air head
I keep it ghetto nigga, word to mother nigga
You signed to a nigga that's signed to another nigga
With a three-sixty deal
So that mean any time you get money
You split money with other niggas!
You break bread, your homies will say I lie you nigga
But they not supporting you, they extorting you!
When you was broke all them niggas was not around
But now look at all the niggas you got around
Yeah you popping now, but if you stop getting chisel
All them niggas with you gon' want to start forgetful
I've been through it before, I'm not gonna bullshit you
It's official, same shit different toilet tissue!
It's like they might shoot they pistol
But if somebody get shot, then the cops gon' come to get you!
That's your case, they only know your face
And you can't afford it nigga, even if your dope straight
It's a slow wait, plus you on probation
And being caged in is a fucked up situation!
I'm trying to school you cause you my kid
And I'm concerned that you gotta learn
From the dumb shit that you didn't did (dummy!)
But you always been a stupid kid
You got a little brain even though your head's stupid big!
And you might be getting up in some puss
But what you think, you getting girls now cause of your
What? You look like an animal in the face
You remind me of that monkey on Planet of the Apes!
Wait, I see panic in your face
I know I'm scaring you, this the cockroach burial
I'm too hot and got too much material
But you annoying, I'm getting tired of hearing you
You so pussy you probably get a venereal disease
Meek I'm your father, out of your league!
You know your whole team weak
And you was mad Kendrick Lamar sold more than ya ass,
Nigga I seen the tweet
My nigga Jag made you have your worse nightmare
...right here, and we don't fight fair
And we ain't like your squad cause we all ride!
Meek, you be looking all nervous with the frog eyes
And Ruff Ryders gonna ride with me too
So Robert's ass is dead, and ain't shit you can do
Plus the rest of your niggas can get it too!
I get at them, right after I get at you
Yeah I said it, the rest of your niggas can get it too!
I get at them, right after I get at you

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