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Chip (Grand Hustle) - On The Scene feat. TI & Young Jeezy Lyrics

Respect my hustle, respect my team,
respect my spaceship, respect my dream we on scene
respect my hire, respect my life and roll the green,
we’re going down the strange clouds, more balls we bring the man
we tighting up, we on the scene, the scene yeah
ah and we got bad bitches on that,
you know we deam on the respect
we on the scene, the scene yeah
ah we stack and ract some cash and checks
you know I hold it down for myself, yeah we on the scene.

Scenes all in my fines, women loving my swagging
But these women fuck with my tats,
Got my seas stays and my heart get all the A in my pad,
The way we bull these niggas watch we know that NASPM
I only fuck with niggas who fuck with me,
I fuck your girl, if you fuck with me,
If twos a crowd and threes company,
A three-somes what'd I'd love to see,
hustle game we on the scene, and I’ll be on tequila and a ounce of green
a bunch of hoes who live to mine, I’l take a pic no InstaGram
hey GDOD, you know we winnin
I had the money low, coolin my vow who’s going ..
TI put me on me on the scene we bout to kill it life,
Good call me f*ck and smoke, botch to all in it.


Hey I’m rounding round in my fire,
And holding on of my folk,
Got a bad bitch on the passengers side
And she rolling all on my dough,
Got my hoodie on like traivon she got the shining like ray on
They say if you ..the kay on, trying shawty I’m spray on,
Whip luci send and flewing back we throwin..jet yeah we call
And we don’t pay the hoe, f*ck pay the hoe, the lead nigga the way we ball
The game got it on lock and I got game hustle on my..
late no P whole on my..niggas I don’t see y’all
don’t hold it on pled, get it off on your chest
whenever you see a nigga whatever I would whatever ..
I got killers all in my chain, scriller all in my jeans,
he don’t get the f*ked up to get respect and be leading on me the scene


You better R-E-S-P-E-C-T, who? Me, me.
On that same nigga that ..I open up with key,
See my hustle, say what’s that smell she call you you on the jail
‘cause at the end of the day, I’m tryin to please my clientele
It’s the first of the morning, this shit I know when my clients with it
So when I get that phone call I’m in my class at the shale,
Now them rari’s they from Italy they try to choppers from Brasil
Seven figures of my matrix, I’m sleeping on the mill,
You’re sleeping on to me, the myth, the legend,
Watch cause a 6.30 that’s a 7.15
Yeah everything I love yeah is tattered in my skin
That’s my nigga you gonna die for me, that’s how you took my friend.


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