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Raekwon - Neither One Of Us Lyrics

Gold jewels ainÂ’t my thing kid
I rather wear nothing
Vehicles are fly around, I get in my sun
Rolling rays, blowing haze, watching raising in the son
Young buck buying some bucks to swaye one
My life story was right shorty, cause itÂ’s a fight for me
Blood swail out
LetÂ’s ride for the white call me, guy
Older guy, boulder staircase days
40 ounces, big bags to blaze, wearing capes
Bagging for hours, cooking up walls with power
Hooking up, does devours, weak niggas foul up
No follow up, then the connect came, we swallow up
Paying more than we came to short money, pile it up
Rocking em niggas, they rockin us back
You felt like a worker, reverse that
My worst cat will blow you in the church
Back the day that we felt that we got jerked
We came with 2 guns and 3 bats

ItÂ’s sad to think weÂ’re not down here kid
For real son, will break your legs for steak and eggs
The menu was taken, beat pallies with cheese
A white ... the money rich getting comrades
Who fell in the storm bagged em, and now we strong as hell
And no going backwards
Was leather jackets new astors, more sense, crew flashing
Jealousy around the corner, niggas got 2 castles
Some with coke, some bubble capsules
Some went and sold dope, some came back broke and asking
The lifestyle is real, it can switch in a flash kid
From living right to living and gone in a splash kid
Think back the yesterday tactics, should have been an actor
Blessings, then he became a rapper

But some have got the reason
Just wonÂ’t let it down
I guess neither one of us, neither one of us
Wants to be the first to say goodbye, aaa.

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