Loverance - Anthem Lyrics


Shawty is your anthem, yeah
shawty is your anthem, yeah
shawty is your anthem, hey
and let me see you twerk, twerk, twerk,
twerk, twerk, twerk, twerk.
Shawty is your anthem, yeah
Shawty is your anthem, yeah.

Shawty is your anthem let me see you bounce,
swaggin in the vips, smellin like an ounce,
standing on the couch, swabble the ass
give can't even doubt, count,
make you smile, then we're leaving out
take you to the mall, that's a date, that's her shopping spin,
poppin rubber bands standing your friends they joking me,
Louie V, cover my eyes why they watching me,
turn around and deep it to the ground make it clap for me,
beatin standing on face and when I'm throwin currency,
hide right now, eyes burgundy and your carvery is absurd to me,
I got a touch and I got a feel, I gotta see that ass real,
'cause if ti is I'll take you home,
beat it up and I'll make you moan,
DJ this her favourite song, this style she's been waiting on,
she was ..when was at work, now it's time for that ass work,
I love her when she take it low, sweat the flow, slow it down
speed it up, if you sing for the night ladies let me know what's up


Shawty it is your anthem let me see it drop it low
my Twitter certify but you was certified pro,
if you bounce it for me baby I'ma make it rain,
top your girlfriend tell her to the same
wable baby, wable baby, wable for me
uh, take a shot, lock it low like lover that see
and if you love it what you feel, let me know baby it's real
you keep bouncing on my ..but you can bounce on my grill,
whatever you like I bite, you bouncing that ass is right
I might, just might, take your ass down the night
the way you wable baby, makes me wanna feel it,
the way you keep talking that shit, makes me wanna kill it,
uh grind let me take my time, let me see you bring it back, make that ass reprime,
it gives me every time, but I'ma blow your mind
I'ma kiss you where the sun go shine, lick you..


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