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TYGA - I'm Different [Freestyle] Lyrics

Iツ知 different, yeah, Iツ知 different
Iツ知 different, yeah, Iツ知 different
Iツ知 different, yeah, Iツ知 different,
Lamborg, vented doors, paid half a million
Carツ.mixed tape
ツto a bitch, no feelinツ
Lot of bad bitches and maツ niggers fully trippinツ
O geez God old clips like ツ
Let the guest squeeze like fresh lemons
Old money but I need more like ツ.
Like Edy keep a sidekick
Shit, bang, youツ池e goinツ down, Iツ知 goinツ陳
I wonツ稚 drive no fuckinツ infinity
Pull up niggers clear the vicinity, killing your vanity
Hot like a ツ, niggers scrumbelinツ
All about my chips, gambelinツ陳
Bad bitch, let her in, late night, let ツ粗m in,
ツ.niggers claritin, 76 bar hard that we stay travelinツ
Referee shots guy hates us back pedalinツ
ツlike Iツ知 70, stay when the weather 93
Gotta fly private cause ma niggers outselling me
Used to do Beverly, now we shop overseas
Pop that dick bitches feelinツ in their ovaries
I love it when the bitch got an ass taddy
Says she just got it done, donツ稚 pat it
Both hands, left cheeks, now Iツ知 left handed
Ass so big, canツ稚 look at it
Canツ稚 look at it, canツ稚 look at it
Made me bust fast like Iツ知 trigger happy
She like when I talk shit likeツ
And I give her hard wood like a cabin
Cabin in the woods all you niggersツ
Youツ池e my ...
Shard off nigger feelinツ like Machiavelli
Yツ誕ll maツ niggers ツ weツ値l need a deli
Ah, oh shit she could tell me got them pissed off R. Kelly
But you tell me sure likeツ all I do is win likeツ
Donツ稚 doubt me, bitch, took 22 years to get rich
When I left ツ still screaminツ bitches and shit
Trynツ to keep maツ niggers out of jail, they always hittinツ陳
And I paid in full niggers call meツ
ツthat maツ nigger, Neddy Santana grooveツ nigger
Eat quick cash like a fast food dinner
Nigger donツ稚 remember shit, they donツ稚 remember me, nigger!
ツ舛ause Iツ知 the shit! Bitch! 187.

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2013-02-18 18:28:06 by anonymous
dats song go hard mmy niggs tyga luv u still luv all ur freestyle