Yusuf Azak - Smile Tactics Lyrics

Are you declining, hang the clocks back on the wall
This is moonlighting, I could smother you in awe
Stunned in a dancehall, I can see with marble eyes
It's all so seamless, I can't define
ItÂ’s been a long time since you threw me your arms
But I'm chained to another world.

It begs a question, are you savouring the light
Now something happens, and the silence breeds delight
I need my old flame, like a scalpel to the gorge
It's never ending with no return
It's for your own sake, your strange joy of time
But I'm chained to aonther world.

Remember day break, you ease slowly off my mind
Then something happens, and the sorrow breeds delight
Don't be the next one, to make noise amongst the stars
It's gently pleasing, your facade
I'm safe in your hands, and you're blue in mine,
But I'm chained to another world.

Thanks to G. Franko for correcting these lyrics

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