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Bo Deal - Its On feat. Lil Durk & Frenchie Lyrics

Aha, Bo

I got big good bitch, got me a bad bitch
All shapes and colors introduced to my mattress
If I wait she gonn go, she gonn go, she gonn go
If I wait she gonn go, she gonn go, she gonn go
Got me an oz, sour and og, bid a coupel stakes on my way to the …
Drunk and high, so it’s on, so it’s on, so it’s on
Guaranteed we gonn ball, we gonn ball, we gonn ball

I got a few bad hoes Keisha and Britney
2 mics a tiny cam all a part of my symphony
I be playing these hoes on the low, they gonn go
They in love with big bo so they all know they role
Gimme a thick bitch, lay em like rigby,
Get em all together then we fish like the picnic
I ain’t playing these hoes, that’s a no fucking go
I ain’t giving no dough, bitch you know my heart cold
So I get a bitch then bag the bitch, pass off to my niggas
I don’t want her after I hit her, chop her ass down like timber
I’m a real nigga no faking, I’m a hard head with no patience
I be flexing hard and you hate it, cost the beat up off and I get it


Smoking on Keisha, with a bitch named Keisha
You say that you like her, but Keisha’s a eater
Range Rover to kanye, got a sister named Dianne
She wanna do the team, that bitch be dying
No lying, I’m out here, she say that she love me
Cause I’m young and I’m rider
These niggas they hate me because I’m sacked out and out here
My watch light like cops light, my diamonds is bright here
These are my …just to bright up your nightmare
Rolling up a yappa, these haters they can’t stop us
The bitch is here, she conceeded, I pull out and she gonn eat it


I got a bad bitch, she calls me savage,
Anything she wants no need to ask she can have it
I call her my manager, my pockets she manage
She ain’t like them other tricks puff and they vanish
Baby do not trick me like your other man
Me and you together that’s just better plans
Blacker the berry, sweeter the juice, blacer the rims, flyer the coupe
Brains gone, you don’t see no roof
You seen your girl in my car, no you didn’t
Show me the proof
Bad girls gone wild, yesterday you was a good girl
Now you sipping on champagne
A week ago you was a hood girl
I love cause your style will never switch
I’ma rock your wrist that way you’ll always be my bitch


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