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Pitbull - Global Warming Lyrics

Up in this a new millionYou heard me, SensatoIts Mr. WorldwideY El mundo helpatioLet my dreams yall dormantCategory 6s are storminTake this as a, take this a warningWelcome to, welcome to global warmingIm tired of this rap shit cuz all they do is rap shitAbout coke shit, crack shit, click clack shitBut they never sold coke or click clack shitThats why Im laughing to the bang, ha-ha bitchPrivate jets, Im on that mile high shitWithout Denver, Im going to NovemberEarth, wind, fire, Im all for SeptemberGeorge Lopez puta, you rememberNon-stop about bankers and lendersFuck these fake sugar ass niggas splendorI see your game, your plan, your agendaTheyll push your shit way back to NintendoNo Facebook, Twitter or InstagramI do it for the paper, Im a business manIf you get it thats coolIts all about the billionaires baby, welcome to the new school[Sensato]Its all about them billionairesIm so fucking seriousLook, I love them zeros, they looking like CheeriosMonty like I bury it, yall nigga gotta hurry upMy team is in your area, leukemia, yall bronkers got anemiaSo if you get it thats coolIts all about them billionaires baby, welcome to the new school

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