The Felice Brothers - Lincoln Continental Lyrics

When I was a child, my mother said to me
You can't spend all your days alone
In the shade of a cherry tree.
My brother cut the roof off a Lincoln,
'cause a doctor said lose some weight
And the tape of Buck Owens, our hair was blowing
As we drove from the Garden State
To the lights of the Golden Gate.

I've been missing you, so listen
I'd like to ask you could you drive to town?
And I've been thinking about your Lincoln
Continental with the sun roof down

When the kid came down from Lennox
Yeah yawning was the talk of the town
A real high roller, a self promoter
Said his band was the best around
He said, "I got a little money from performing,
I bought a brand new suit and hat."
I said, "Performing what?" He said, "Classic stuff,
Ricky Hayes and Virginia scat."
I said, "Who the hell is that?"

But I can play a little old time fiddle
We can start a little country band
And I was thinking, in your Lincoln
We can bum around the Promised Land

And the world will open up for us.
At least that's what I hope it does.

Probation officer John Collins
Was a paranoid psychopath.
He had me painting the fence by the roller rink
For the Committee of Industrial Trash.
"You can't find the business end of a rifle,
You're the devil from an Irish saint."
I said I got no cares in those affairs,
What I was, what I am or ain't.
I got a lot of fence to paint.

I got no loving, all because I'm
Kinda infamous for crossing lines
It got me thinking, even Lincoln
Must have felt a little lost sometimes.

And the world will open up for us.
At least that's what I hope it does.

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