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Redman - Hurricane Sandy Relief Freestyle Lyrics

What's up? what's up? what's up?
Redman in the motherf*cking building
What's good?
This my hurricane Sandy relief freestyle
for the people in the struggle, you know what I talk about?
Shout out to Jersey, shout out to Jersey shore and everywhere in Jersey
shout out to New York Brooklyn, rock away Queens..
everybody who was affected in this storm..for you let's get it in

Every time I roll the dodger at the flow get colder
and that's when the hoes come over
freak em like nole up in the back wasn't choker
then I get it uncool like hover
then you can't stand me family but they in Miami
and the rain take it nani
fuck Hurricane Sandy
I blow shit up
Even the bathroom on Friday like Stanley
Doc's da name so what's happenin'?
The hurricane made us truck for the gasoline
But no thing
The Boomerang hoes still call me Marcus
I bang-bang-bang on Jacqueline
Not King-Kong unforgettable
even my mama don't call me original
fuck your luck like I browny addable
set it off like pain away I let em all
breath the.. and I..on attack I'm the zoo keeper
opposite the diva my bullet seat the whole body
my Nina just like the prima
no half when I rip the whole path
hoes I just met now I dope that
future really wanka the super run down on you with a opa lopa
I'm will don't take me serious
little bit.. delirious, nigga copy but they slapy
need to read the blue print at the nelly-vanelly kick kick
then I ride em this ain't for miner you can't deny em
bar from a liar, piece to..sower suplier
head me the fire, Sandy survivor
that's why my bars.. those my love night
hit two 80 on to the .. night
look around Jersey ain't they no lights
piece to queens and rock away
Jersey I love the way we operate
us now havin fun hustlin
is like Mary and Eve not today
I'm seekin in hurricane Sandy
pop in the new album by brandy
check on my moms and granny
everybody's alright family
God is good, look out the lights ..Robin Hood
when the lights come on we can pally up
I get mami up with the Cali butt.
let's go

Yeah go go, pop up a little bit
yeah go, pop up a little bit
yeah go, pop up a little bit
yeah go, pop up a little bit
mhm go, pop up a little bit ..

If your house is flooded and shit,
and lights is out I’m here to boost you up
SHout out to Jersey, shout out to New York.
It's your time to roll up that sour and shit – you deserve it.

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