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Raekwon - Dont Look Any Further Freestyle Lyrics

Hey yo, spot me in cazelles, in a sky blue well
They know me for my legend, killer gun gain well
Adolescents better fall back, cockiness only bring sloppiness
I know from niggas in jail
Sitting in the wind, in a flamingo suits,
With a pinch 3.6 suit, a bag of loot preach
All whities around me, 2 Columbians found me
And now I’m here, who will get down for me
Now chill, chill, chill
Now you don’t wanna go on that page
Don’t go there man

Hey yo, the mission of the d game is awesome,
Let’s floss a little more, running around like kids in the orphanage
Wealth for greater help gun but tingle melt
Snitches all up in your hood, they the help
Tight jeans rappers in the 2000 that don’t know my legends
Summer like, summer right now,
I give shit home boy, you flowing your brother’s mother’s brother
She had a seed and named on my government
What was coming out the bang and the bent
New 13 range white frames and flinch
One of them niggas that will never go that easy on the meat rack
What can goes on, guns from dc, how a niggas gonna work for
No more loyalty, let’s fly shawty shopping in ...
No time for chumps and little money
Niggas out there looking funny than clumps
See the 4 chumps, monkey bizness in the game now
Which way we playing now,
I get it, we owning to spray it down
Niggas wanna see me fresher
These tax men wanna pressurize work,
I left that depression, great debate cooler than the crib with the steaks
At the end of the month, go and torture some snakes
Might be you on the guest list
Keep coming around with all that brown jury
I death wish you, touch from god with the bigger hands
You call it the meager hands
I rock more diamonds like giga fans
Sons from Swiss lands, irons and tissue fam
I hustle all around, official family
Pussy niggas clean up or pop off...
Hip hop ain’t dead, but he got soft my nigga
Yo, we coming soon nigga.

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