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Plies - Baby Momma Pussy Lyrics

Nothing like that baby mama pussy, know how to f*ck ya pussy
stay tryin a nigga but she got some good pussy
nothing like that baby mama pussy, always drama pussy ,
Act cool sometime that baby mama pussy
Nothing like that baby mama pussy, baby mama pussy,
unstrapped, uncut that baby mama pussy
Nothing like that baby mama pussy, baby mama pussy,
tap ya shit sometime that baby mama pussy

She cool when she wanna be tap ya shit always
always with the fuck shit she a handful always
argue with her everyday, joke with her sometimes
she go to talking too crazy, fuck that I ain't sliding
always got a attitude, real slick ass mouth
always assuming shit, never know what she talking bout
I hang up on her ass quick, 'cause I'll be cussed her ass out
that patience shit I ain't got, I drop cash talking bout
one thing I can say that mother fucker bang though
when it come to that bed shit, that motherf*cker got it though
I ain't gotta tell her shit, 'cause she already know
she know what a nigga like, and I know how to paint her too


I done fucked alot of hoes, beat alot of bad bitches
I f*ck hoes to death, 'cause I don't like to kick it
when a nigga beat em right, that's when hoes catch feelings
when the feelings get involved that when I stay my distance
I love getting money, only thing bout me consistent,
I love money more, but I still f*ck the bitches
I'm always in the streets, but I never f*ck with snitches
I'm always in the kitchen, but I never do the dishes
I ain't with the baby mama drama never had that before
Done fell for a couple of em, but I've never loved a hoe
my check right & my cash up, so I don't have no wishes
that baby mama pussy though have a nigga tryna to kill you


Thanks to Ariel for correcting these lyrics

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