Sean Price - Bully Rap Lyrics

[Reakn Reality]Nigga kill yourself!Faggot-ass nigga, die[Chorus: Reakn Reality]Uhh, this that Brownsville bully rapHoodie rap, take a nigga chain, smoke the goodie trapSurrounded by the wolves in the wildernessLiquor piss, slit your wrists so niggaz won't get pistol-whippedMo' niggaz won't get pistol-whippedIf I was you, then I'd probably have to slit my wristsSean Price, the villain beatin any feelin thisSlit your wrists, so niggaz won't get pistol-whipped[Sean Price]Uhh; you cowards are bogusSplit head like Red Sea power of MosesDue to my weight gain I had to double the dosageof drugs that I do, a nigga stay toastedP! Body, G harmin your bars offRuck keep you slumped in the pom-pomListen; God is the greatest, Allahu AkbarPraise due, ooh threw hot rock at cop carOff my deen, red like off the BeamScorched the scene, niggaz tryin to cross the teamListen - nigga my 80 scorchinNiggaz comin with the cops, I'ma Tracy MorganHeh, I fuck around and throw your baby organsUse your baby organs just to make a baby organWhoo~! I sell dope to your mommaAnd I ain't even vote for Obama - P![Chorus][Sean Price]Yo, P! Uhh, I get paid tooMake music burst through walls like Kool-Aid came through("OH YEAH!") Niggaz came through with they tools and they goons childishFunny when you niggaz "bang zoom to the moon Alice"Keep it clean, sneaker feet when you +Do Dallas+Heat set to death, I strike a nigga 'til hand callousUhh, nigga you know how the fam goBig bid, big nigga shoot at your Sam CroweCrewin through shit like ludes was in thereUhh, blow two-fifth, I'm loony up in hereUhh, fuck around and I punch hashoff niggaz Timbs then replace that with dust hashUh - everybody and they son rapBANG! Everybody and they son clapHoo! I make money from the dope I pushTo make it funny I ain't vote for Bush; motherfucker P![Chorus]

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