Currensy - 2much Lyrics

Bitch cold, I sweat derreck clean rode upVery clean, spur flew over, she got caught up in them waynesWe gonn turn a couple cornerTalk about of couple things, preliminary wing greatIma let you hit the weed, once Im on that interstateI dont be smoking on them streetsThe traffic lights will have you in the jam with the manI aint spending that minute, in the can of sky moreTryina spend a hunned grandI know how to show you how we can get it spending againGone in the wind, gone with the ones who winThem boys is grown men, bullshit is what Im spittingSo bullshit is what you getting when you make a decision, now listenI see them niggas faking, cause Im high Im slippingThey gonn knock me off position, but whyCause a nigga be riding nice cars fancy clothesNaked hoes and mansion homesGot a lot but still we want moreTheres one thing you can never have itToo much money, too much moneyYou can never have too much money, too much money, too much

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