Styles P - Araab Styles Lyrics

Yeah boobs, turn the vision on these niggas
Araab, the shit is crack, duke salute, my eyes on the prize

Phantom, but not of the opera, death to the doctor
Shotty and chopper,
Handgun of the whore, yeah, dinero is proper
Certified, hop up in the whip, you willing to take the murder
Rolling with apedorians, Cubans, coca porians
Came up doing g shit, real gangster astorian,
I’m a gangster, on a real my nigga
I never squeal and I never do no sucker shit
Go out on my shit
Yeah, shoot my brains out, shoot my heart out
Catch me at the juice bar, pouring a little bark out
Catch me on the mike, just giving a little spark
I’m electrified, and you petrified
You niggas bugging me, spray a little pesticide
I take face shots, you can put the vest aside
No need for em bloody, you gonn bleed for them
You gonna be the one that hold his dick when he pee for em
Cause he paralyzed, look at the barrel size
And I ain’t buying that gangster shit you advertise
You a fixer with problem, kill em in Yonkers and dump the body in harlem
I’m despicable, with a hawk and revolver
That’s the shooter all carver if the ghost is the hardest
The answer’s always yes, so you can fuck around
Cause it’s always death

Yeah, shit be hug, I’ma just pop some little shit right here though
You niggas is nowhere near ready
I can’t even figure me out

Every rapper repping the set, I know the pussy though
Take my knife, stick it up in them
Like they a pussy hoe
Yeah I’ve been a boss, but am i kaza or verbal in the hooptie playin verbal intercourse,(u figure it out)
It’s south thoughts when I reeing up
Cause I don’t mean the ballcourt when I say ...up
I break the law, fuck the quarter law,
Penny never seen, with a dime or quarter saw
And I’d rather die before, dime all quarter ya
... motherfucking automo
But I ain’t got time for time
Dancing in the shadows of the shadows, no time to shine
I take the diggies though, you don’t get the picture nigga
I’m saying son lil nigga you fizzy you
I’ma better show, and don’t get the picture for the letter
Spread the word around, yeah
Fuck everything boobs, I don’t wanna sign out, I’m just off.

Thanks to Styles E for correcting these lyrics

Thanks to don p for correcting these lyrics

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