Blu & Exile - Maybe One Day Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Yeah, you know business as usu', you know
Whole lot of unofficial shit to do
I handle stress and shit blues to whoever's amused
And spit truth 'til it lit up the booth
I'm like the kid with the chipped tooth split with, Bishop in Juice
Or like Don Juan Bishop how I'm flipping the truth
I pity them fools swoopin' through the city in jewels
Rented is use, in it for them Benjamins too
And so am I but why would I use it on fool's gold
When you know your true soul shines foolio
You didn't know, nobody told you better
Nobody ever told you you could be somebody ever
Nobody ever said it would be easy but jeez
I dream the pipe, scheming nightly on American cream
Still nobody believes, tryna get a free piece of these
These dreams we sell to these fiends and gel to these things
This, bling bling, sour cream on top of everything
You would never think that we needed sour cream
Like I don't know how I'm lean cause I love sour cream
Give me cheese, give me green, bread is all we need
Head is all I need, we've bled for all of these
Things and I think I'm a in a dream boat, floating upstream
Merrily, smoking on mary green leaves

[Hook: Black Spade]
And maybe one day, he will
Reign supreme and become a king
And one day, maybe she will
Rise again and become a queen

[Verse 2]
Yea, uh, part
Spark something up, top the hunger
Reflect when I was young and didn't have to spark nothing up
I wonder what it was that had me puffing blunts
Coughing my blood and guts up for a f__king buzz
Bugging out on the biz right when I got a buzz
Seeing God on green, they putting trust in bucks
F' the stress that comes with success
I was always depressed, the press was like f'k is up? (wassup!)
I said nothin' much, besides gas
She said yea, plus the sunshine, bask
Started fasting on life, peeping subtle stuff
I gave a bum a buck, watch the kids double dutch
Bus stop hops and train trips to mama's
With books dropping knowledge on lies that once covered us
Like we ain't land on Plymouth Rock, God summoned us
Block smugglers rise up from under the blue skies
Sunshine, what a day to take a walk in the rain
Wash the thoughts on your brain dry
Get lost for a change
Was hitting up ? for some change just to cope with my lame life
Putting rings on queens that I wouldn't wife
Pushing dreams on fiends with this wooden mic
And it seemed so extreme to be free
So I just adjusted to being me, truly


[Verse 3]
On that new hype, talking like I grew like 7 inches
Yea, green vision
I make predictions on the state of spitting
Wack rappers will remain getting, a gang or riches, and lame b'ches
I'm in the game lane switching
Already late bruh, got no time to hit the brakes or the switches
Blaze off J's in the swishers
Tobacco's for wack folk though, my black hope used to whisper
Time was all up in my face, God listened
John bitching, my mom wishing, I stick with all the Christians
Sometimes I go to church and, toss my sins up at the altar
We all fall victim to systems, mine in this business
Figures in interviews, no time for interlude, sh' sh' screwed up
Can't even use a buck without feeling like a jerk
For what it's worth, I almost blew up but
I heard y'all, had to kick back, wipe my shirk off
Was on my ____ so tough, I could've jerked off
The old heads said watch the cursing
Losing work cause I'm thinking 'bout my first job serving...god every murnin' (morning)
Morning over urns With a burnt feeling thinking 'bout my friends as the Earth spins
As we worship warships On a spiritual war-tip, y'all listen, we all up in this
Four fitted joint with the forces, don't forget y'all admission ticket
To get up in this, you gotta break through the laws of physics
Simple as arithmetics, twist wisdom, & get lifted

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