XV - L7 Party Lyrics

[Verse One: XV]
My girl got new plates on a brand new Audi
Told her come to my place, celebrate and get naughty
She got friends in the lobby and all they do is do Molly
And they a group of hotties, call my niggas, make it a party
Sour D is my broccoli, Tyku is my sake
I grace fools in my coupe, then it’s coup de grâce
We should open a Kinkos ‘cause all y’all do is make copies
And all I do is make facts, why y’all sound scans so sloppy?
I hang with Kansas Jayhawkers, I hang with bitches on Brazzers
And I’mma tell you like Spock does: live long and prosper
Live long and prosper, live long and prosper, green backpack in my locker
And you don’t know when it might pop up, L7, we rising
Your power circle fall quiet, I put these niggas on a diet
The game is getting excited, bad bitches get loud, whack bitches be quiet
And if your ass is silent, guess you wasn’t invited, my type of party

[Verse Two: Freddy High]
‘Cause damn, she got a fat ass plus she got a small waist
Her friend got a nice body and tits that look replaced
Bartender order two shots, down them bitches, no chase
Said we just wanna have fun, now they just wanna have fun
I got bottles all in my section, girls that go both directions
And they both undressing but I just got one question
I just got one question, I just got one question
Where’s the weed? No stressing, where’s the weed?
No stressing, it’s L7, Square Gang, no need to explain
I roll with niggas that bang, I roll with friends that game
Say X-Box 360, say order PS3, say order PS3, say X-Box 360
Uh, shots are on point like ball games
Niggas trying to ball, that’s small change
We done all came up in the game, now Square Gang over all things
So we ball huh? No looks, C3PO with a gold look
Got bitches up in the lobby, me and X, we trying to party

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