Van Morrison - Domino Lyrics

Domino (Track #2)
Van Morrison
(Van Morrison)
Album: Gets His Chance To Wail
Laughing In The Wind 1969

Man: Ah, I hope you don't mind a little outside opinion
Man: But I think that this version you did it so, abstract.
I mean I like the old one
Man: You know, the old, this sounds
An yes, just do it>
I know what you mean, 'cause it's hard to pick it out
right now.>
Man: No, not only that, but I mean I-I think the tune itself becomes a lot more
Van: ah, easier
Man: Yeah, right, it's too complex
Van: (right)
Man: 'Cause us to lose track, ya know?
Van: That's-a, that's-a better key for me, too right now
Gives me a chance to wail more, key


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