WIZ KHALIFA - Thuggin Lyrics

I'm Taylor Gang and you know it
Get it back fast so I blow it
Light frames on so I'm focused
Will in that hardtop and I'm loaded
Yeah them diamonds dancing, no disco
Chicken ordered, no crisco
My nigga David Blaine your chick
Disappear like, "Where did my bitch go?"
Them cars out in my gang too
Don't Tony Hawk and I skate through
If you bugged out they gon' spray you
One to the temple, won't say who
We caked up and them cars cost
That wine great and that weed's strong
You can tell the people what the fuck you want
But you ain't on the type of shit that we on
And that's word to that seventh letter
Gang shit, bang bitch, nobody do it better

[Hook: Wiz Khalifa] x2
All we doing is ballin'
Going hard trying to win that game
All we doing is stackin'
Early morning, we gettin' that change
All we doing is hustlin'
On the job you lookin' lame
All we doing is thuggin'
You one of us then you doing the same

[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa]
All we doin' is stuntin'
Paid the cars now I'm doin' my thing
Push to start my button
95 when I'm in that lane
Kush to roll by the onion
Smokin' ounces up to my brain
Young nigga just thuggin'
2Pac all eyes on me
My car collection is crazy
Kush connection is Manny
Watch collection is classic
Want me there then you pay me
All my niggas get ratchet
Engine fast so don't race me
Money stretched like gymnastics
Fuck it, paper or plastic
Niggas talkin' that money
Come to find out they actin'
Niggas talk like they gangsters
They ain't 'bout no action
If I'm up in your club
Believe I got that sack in
My niggas all packed in
That money we stackin'

[Hook] x2

[Verse 3: Lavish]
All I know is win
Rolling papers and gin
Poppin' out of two-doors
Windows 5 percent
They know what it is
When a nigga ride by ya
Brought ya niggas all with me
Man they might fire
Smoking on that fire
Through my supplier
Probably got it for some medical
Still blowin' on medical
Nigga see you stuntin' lookin' at you on some hatin' shit
I just roll up on him like I would on some player shit
Man around the way, I call it that mayor shit
Nigga know who my gang be, bands up, turn crazy
Bands is on me, she dancin' on me
My hammer showin', no niggas drawin'
Fans is on me eatin' shrimp and lobsters
Roll with nothing but them monsters

[Hook] x2

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