Mario Devon - Ricochet Lyrics

Verse: If I show you my heart, you will see all the scars. They are from all those times you hit me hard. Girl I'm building a barrier for protecting myself, from the enemy you have come to be.
Prechorus: Girl I got my shield, and I got my sword. I'm not taking pain, from anyone no more. Girl I'm strapped in my bulletproof vest, and I'm doing my best to pass over this stress of you.
Chorus: My heart won't break like it used to do. I've grown immune to abuse from you. Now you see I can take, any pain thrown my way. Anything that you throw will ricochet.
Verse: You entered in a war You can't win, cuz you can't beat a heart you're not damaging anymore. So let's settle the score. And you can shoot all your bullets at me, it won't hurt since I walked out the door.

Prechorus *
Chorus *
Bridge: It'll come back to you (x4),
Chorus (x2) *

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