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HEART - Pennsylvania Lyrics

I saw you standing on the street belowOutside my window surrounded by a glowYou were a young man troubled hadn't found it's wayYou were smiling, that's all you had to sayI thought I saw youPennsylvaniaThe streets were busy, the cafes and the barsPeople laughing, the flash of carsThe neon tower like a fist up in the skyAll that power like a spit in heaven's eyeI thought I saw youPennsylvaniaI thought I saw youPennsylvaniaA bell is ringing in the courthouse squareRusted angels floating everywhereSt. Michael singing to the spirits passing byTo blacked out windows and the silence there insideI thought I heard youPennsylvaniaI thought I saw youThe alley in the rainThe hotel by a trainThe well known ghosts remainThought I felt youYou in Pennsylvania

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