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Snowblink - Best Loved Spot Lyrics

Winter roars her bully yell 'till her sky fills up dark as a whale.
Where wolf had walked as did men, the tracks their foot and paw did pen now just looks like a road again.
Winter froze her favorite well then boarded up with timber felled.
Her favorite well, her best-loved spot that milked what most had quick forgot.
What once was bright as sun's lapel and woke us every night to tell us what befalls our sleeping selves now arrives like the year's first snow - apologetic under toe, falls down dumb then melts right off.
Gone gone gone gone and forgot, gone gone and forgot, gone her best-loved spot.
Winter hoards her little birds in shivering, unspeaking herds.
Their bones so petite and polite form fists 'round fig-sized hearts like warm cinders tumbling upwards.
Oh winter rang her bully bell and full moon's face fell quiet and pale as a doubloon buried in backyard with the bones and the rain while the smokestacks raised their half-mile flags at half-mast 'till all the ice cracked then all the well-wishing coins flew up in a bright copper-nickel geyser to remind her what was in a bright copper-nickel geyser the well-wishing coins rang her bully bell and woke us every night to tell us how our sleeping selves arrive at our favorite well our best-loved spot now gone and forgot.

Thanks to Matthew for correcting these lyrics

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