Yung Berg - YBWFM Lyrics

Hey hey hey hey
Bitch, boy what up
Hey (f*ck em), hey (f*ck em),
hey (f*ck em), hey
Hey hey hey hey

I wake up in the morning and I roll up blunt, I do
your bitch she on my style I tell to get it up, go in
Pop pop a bill, shawty get you roll on
I'm high as hell, before I throw my clothes on
Alright, bitch
your bitch wanna fuck me, your bitch wanna fuck me,
your bitch wanna fuck me, get her once and make her laugh
okay your bitch wanna fuck me, yeah
your bitch wanna fuck me, yeah
your bitch wanna fuck me, swear to God I make her have me

9:11 my Porsche car, crossing down
girl think that I'm a terrorist
and I'm balling on some sports
rounding in a Lamborghini with my Spanish bitch
I'm like snap back some wearing that
snap snap back I'm wearing that
stay with that white girl
she got motorlines in the paragram
I'm like: hello bitch, she wanna fuck me and my friends too
I'm like: hello bitch, she get good brain like when she taste good
put it in her mouth like two..
ride my shit new whip,
top me all over the path
bitch I'm like that.., f*ck em, f*ck em
then give that to the money
I'm running, I'm running, I'm running to the money
I wake and bake, ..a space
and let them hate and..color paid I'm straight


Yeah I plenty boof with my condom all on me
your bitch doing all kind of roll
fuck shawty first night, we still ain't had no dialogue
tip drill black china I tell them hoes go find the pow
ride with the bitch ain't Keisha
smoking on that kish coe,
my bad bitch she come through, like I do with that Maybach
barely sleep in that p*ssy that's a..
f*ck dirty she talk, talk
call call it that stacks,
that will make a movie rock show, girl Jack Black
I just got my swag back, mix and get a hundred kay
being full of models, which one I'm going f*ck and that
talking bout these hits dog they saying that I'm running with
snap back it's tattoo I call the shit they throw away


I tell the mell yeah, your bitch wanna fuck me
right Rose full off shepherd, hold that wanna fuck my team tonight
my car got a rolly straight, just to match my roby..
she ain't even meet me at, but I got her beamer wet
OZ and we find like jezz, Oz out my nigga's next
shout out to my nigga reck, KOD a hundred bottles
all my niggas flexin, flexin,
flew and red necklace, like they gonna arrest me
all white Audi even my two strap practice
cooler with my niggas got a team full of shot us
and we get adrenaline if a nigga want problem,
and I'm off for flat, so we're rolling up a monster


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