Young Dro - Refill Lyrics

She say I need an e pill,
No you don’t, bitch you need me
Ride around in the drop top b
You don’t know a motherfucker still hot like me
Got G-U-C-C-I on the feet, when I hop on track, bitch I own the beat
I rush em, fuck em, love em, duck em
Riding in the huckleberry blue benz trucker
Don’t worry bout your old man baby he a sucker
I’m big in the bed he a tiny motherfucker
He a rapper, shit I might sign the motherfucker
Tell me what it costs I’ll buy the motherfucker
You want a refill here, baby I am serious
Now you at the bar got you drinking like a fish
Shawty lil so big, I don’t even wanna kiss
Got my body so numb … like I’m sleeping on bricks
Dro what you on, shit bitch I'm on dis¬Öwith a little bit of lac and a little bit of twist
Tell your man back up with the bull and the shit
Before his head get hit with a bottle or a fist
You want a refill?
Bitch you better ask cause the closed up
Mama had to come out last
This bitch, that bitch, coming up fast, I’m drunk
Tell shawty hop on my jam

Refill, put that dick up in your bitch
And then she call me back
And then she ask me for a refill
Yeah, yeah, you know, you know
I put that dick and give her refills.

Thanks to drp for correcting these lyrics

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